Chapter One

Finally completed my first attempt at Chapter One. It took longer than expected, but, at least, it is near completion. My plan this time around with my writing is to not put off the editingChapter One process. I am going to try to get my chapters in printable form before moving onto the next one. Now, I know the chapters may still have changes later on in future drafts because the writing of future chapters may alter what I’d like to have in the earlier ones. But, pretending no changes to content will be needed, my attempt is to be happy if the chapter was printed tomorrow.

I’ve tried both processes. I’ve attempted to write chapters to perfection, which got me stuck on an idea or a sentence or even a word, bringing me to a complete stop. I’ve attempted to write chapters knowing they will need to be improved later on. Sometimes, they have even ended with me writing a sentence like “Need another scene to link to the next chapter” or “Don’t like how I wrote this but it gives the general idea of what I’m looking for.” This may evolve into a process where I know what I want to do next but can’t get through what I’m writing now, so I may need to continue without perfecting the current chapter. Instead of trying one process or the other, maybe I try both processes and use whichever one makes sense for the current chapter.

I don’t want to give myself another reason to stop.

Anyway, Attempt 1 of Chapter One is complete. I am going to let it sit for a couple days before I read through it again. As I read through it tonight, I corrected some grammatical mistakes but not much else. I left myself with a note about a character sneaking out of her house to meet her boyfriend. I thought it was a little too step-by-step but did not do anything about it tonight. I wrote a note saying my next read through should decide if I need to remove some of the steps and maybe add a couple more paragraphs to bring some characterization. If I am happy after Attempt 2, I will move on to Chapter Two. If something is still gnawing at me, then I may go for another Attempt before moving on.

We’ll see how this process goes…

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