My Chair

This is my chair. Well, anyone can use it, but it’s the place I find myself more often than Chairnot. Many times, I’m working my day job, playing on my phone, watching tv, or surfing the web a little bit, hoping to hear it will be safe enough for the Cleveland Indians to start playing games again, even if we won’t be able to see the games in person.

I sit here.

And I sit here.

And I sit here.

I finished writing my pre-novel events, which is basically a timeline of key events happening in the characters’ lives up until the start of the novel. I did this to keep any past events consistent. When writing about past events, it is easy to be inconsistent with a person’s age, so I wanted to make sure I had a reference. Also, if something inconsequential is mentioned in a chapter, it is easy to contradict it later on because you may not remember what you had written. In the past, I’ve always started writing with word one of chapter one, surprising myself with the unfolding of the story without thinking much about it ahead of time. I decided to put a little more thought into this one. I also finished a character chart for an easy view of how characters are connected and have finished character summaries of the four main characters and a couple side characters. I have the other supporting characters to summarize. Then, I will be able to get started with Chapter One (I had previously written the first five or six chapters, so I will be using those as a starting off point as I start re-writing the book).

But…this chair. I sit here and think about how I could be completing the character summaries. I think about how I could work on recording some music as well. I could be doing something…anything. In fact, you see that blue binder in the lower left of the picture? That’s my writing binder. It’s in view. It’s ready to be opened and used. All I have to do is reach down and pick it up, but, I sit here. Ideas run around in my brain. I thought I’d have plenty of time and inspiration to make a ton of progress. I’ve made some decent headway in the pre-novel process, but all that has been done over two or three nights. How long have we been home now? About two months?

I am hoping to make a schedule for myself to set aside at least two times per week (at a minimum) to work on the book. I am also going to set aside at least one time per week to work on music. Scheduling has helped the kids get through their school work. Maybe I need to create a schedule for myself. Maybe that’ll help as well…

I hope you are all able to get through the items you’d like to get done. I know, in Ohio, they are starting to re-open the state, but I can’t imagine people venturing outside their homes for too long.

Take care,

Alan Keith


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