Shelter in Place

We started to work from home March 16th, so it’s been nearly a month and a half already Shelter in Placewhere we’ve been sitting at home, waiting for the all clear to return “back to normal.” Of course, we’re never going to ever be fully back to normal. We are most likely changed forever with how we look at life.

In a way, for an unpublished writer, you may think there is some positivity in all this. A writer can take this forced isolation, set up shop in his little corner of a room, and write all night long. My first thought when told I’d be holing up in the house was I’d, at least, be able to make some headway on the ol’ novel.

For over 30 days, I’ve been doing my day job during the day, and I hadn’t written a single word of the novel. Not a single word. Not an additional comma or some sort of grammatical fix. I hadn’t even looked at the text. Is there any positivity you were hoping to get out of the extra time at home (for those of you who have spent extra time at home)? For those still doing their normal day jobs at their place of employment, has that made things easier for you? Or, are you bitter and worried about having to go into work?

This past week, I transferred my notes from one binder to another. I also decided to type up some of the notes/pre-novel events that have occurred. On the positive note, I’ve expanded some of the events from the characters’ pasts, so I had a good week. I still have a few pages to type up and character outlines before I start editing/re-writing the first five chapters that I had already completed. After all this time of playing some games on my phone, watching Schitt’s Creek (if you haven’t seen that, it’s probably Top 5 tv shows ever created) and Top Chef, and catching (so far) the first five Friday the 13th movies on Shudder, I think I’m finally in a headspace to get moving on the novel again.

I’ve decided to relaunch this site and see if I can keep up with some writing updates. Maybe I’ll take a couple breaks and get a couple short stories written for the site as well. So, a toast to everyone and hoping they can find some sort of positive in this situation.

Sheltering in Cleveland,

Alan Keith


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